3vGeomatics Inc. (3vG) specializes in extracting displacement and change data from radar satellite images, primarily with advanced Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) techniques. The company then translates data received into information that a customer can understand and use in order to improve safety, production and overall operational efficiency.

SAR images are typically complex and difficult to use, but contain valuable information. 3vG utilizes data from all radar satellites to measure millimeters of movement for monitoring oil fields, pipelines, mines, permafrost and urban infrastructure. Data is translated into information that a customer can understand and use in order to improve safety, production and overall operational efficiency.

TECTERRA has supported 3vG through the following program: Industry Investment (IND) Program

“3vG has always looked for ways to scale our technology by processing and analyzing larger data sets faster. With the support from TECTERRA, 3vG was able put additional resources into the development of key technology and business development efforts were increased to leverage the new products. New staff were hired permanently and we continue to build from the momentum of the project.”

— Adrian McCardle, President

3vG offers monitoring services in a variety of sectors:

  • Oil and Gas: Assisting in making better production decisions by understanding uplift and subsidence of each field
  • Pipelines: Large scale monitoring can detect and monitor risks along pipeline ROWs
  • Mining: A single monitoring program can screen risks from subsidence, pit walls, infrastructure and tailings
  • Infrastructure Management: Improving asset management by monitoring displacement of critical infrastructure
  • Permafrost: Reducing risk by measuring ground and infrastructure movement in an ever-changing northern environment
  • Geohazards: Monitoring landslides, seismic activity, subsidence and volcanoes to assess and mitigate risk

Geomatics Discipline(s): Remote Sensing, Surveying and Mapping

Industry Sector(s) Supported: Energy, Environmental Protection and Management, Emergency Planning and Management, Human Resources, Land use Planning/Development/Management, and Mining

Product Example(s): 3vG’s proprietary InSAR processing approach uses multiple techniques to exploit each image for the maximum information. Processing and analysis can take days and weeks to complete under normal circumstances; however, oil & gas and mining operators need information quickly to make effective decisions. 3vG now delivers over 700 displacement products to customers worldwide within hours of acquisition. This near real-time delivery allows users to identify risks and take prompt action to increase safety and prevent production stoppages.

For more information on 3v Geomatics Inc., their team and their technology, please visit: www.3vgeomatics.com