Decisive Farming, a North American precision agronomy and data management service provider, provides highly scalable solutions to crop farmers and agriculture service providers. Its focus is on precision agronomics, data analytics and information management services that are geared toward farm profitability, environmental sustainability and ease-of-use. Decisive Farming’s services are setting the standard in quality and performance; providing solutions that are fully integrated through the My Farm Manager™ web software platform.

TECTERRA supported Decisive Farming through the following programs: IND, GEO-HIRE, GEO-Placement, TAP and CSS

“What sets Decisive Farming apart is the way we integrate service delivery into our grower-facing data management
platform My Farm Manager,” says Remi Schmaltz, CEO of Decisive Farming. “TECTERRA’s support of the platform’s development
allowed us to enable retail partners to expand their existing offerings to include patented precision agronomy services,
quality assuring soil-testing, crop marketing services, and more.”

Services: Decisive Farming’s farm data management and workflow automation platform, My Farm Manager™ provides a truly complete and unique solution to the agricultural marketplace by connecting the key service providers and their data in one place with the grower. Through My Farm Manager™, the grower is able to select from world-class service providers delivering products ranging from: precision agronomy, variable rate technology, crop marketing, risk management, carbon credits, equipment telematics and data analytics.

Geomatics Discipline(s): Remote Sensing (aerial, satellite and ground based), GIS and Spatial Data Management, along with Surveying and Mapping

Industry Sector(s) Supported: Agriculture (including soil, flora and fauna/biodiversity)

Product Example(s): My Farm Manager™ is a fully integrated, cloud-based software solution used to deliver these services:
Optimize RX – A patent pending process using composite satellite imagery combined with ground truth soil testing to develop zone maps for farmers’ fields. These zone maps are combined with in-house agronomy expertise to develop a GPS-referenced prescription for the field that puts fertilizer where it needs to be and limits its application in areas that cannot utilize it fully. This process optimizes return on investment by balancing cost of inputs and return in yield. Know-Risk – A complete solution for crop marketing and risk management that helps farmers achieve margin goals on the commodity markets. It uses various marketing tools and one-on-one advice from experts to assist farmers to get the return they want, at a risk level they are comfortable with. Sure-Check Soil Testing – Soil testing system that ensure consistency and accuracy in all stages of the soil testing process through the use of GPS benchmarking, agronomic consulting and online data.

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