Blackline Safety Corp. is a wireless location technology company and manufacturer with a focus on business-to-business markets including employee safety monitoring and portable business tracking applications. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Blackline Safety has complete in-house control over its solutions, from end-to-end, enabling the company to be agile and deliver upon real customer requirements.

TECTERRA supported Blackline Safety through the following programs: Industry Investment Program, p2P, and Commercialization Support Services (CSS) Program

“TECTERRA has been a valuable partner that has supported the growth of Blackline—its innovation, raw technology creation, productization, and overall competitiveness. They understand our business model, the needs of the private sector, our project objectives, and have been a pleasure to work with. The end result is tangible contribution to our growth, more value for our shareholders, a larger employment base for Alberta, and increased revenue to help fuel the domestic economy and international exports.”

— Brendon Cook, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Services: Blackline Safety solutions enable businesses to monitor the real-time safety status of their employees, to secure important assets, share the delivery progress of shipments, track targeted individuals, and monitor the location of vehicles. Their systems work to enhance efficiency and safety in business processes, ultimately increasing a business’s bottom line.

Geomatics Discipline(s): Location-based services (GPS/GNSS, cellular and satellite communications) along with GIS and spatial data management

Resource Sector(s) Supported: Energy (oil & gas, pipelines and oil sands), Manufacturing, Industrial and Petrochemical, Environmental Protection and Management (including Wildlife Management), Emergency Planning and Management, Bio-industry (including renewable resource utilization), Forestry, Mining (open pit, including mineral and geological applications), Recreation and Tourism, Utilities (including electrical, natural gas distribution), Water Resource Management

Product Example(s): BlacklineSafety’sLoner SMD is an employee safety monitoring device that combines positioning, GSM wireless, automatic safety incident detection, and manual triggering to communicate safety incidents in real-time to monitoring personnel. Loner SMD features precise outdoor positioning with GPS and leverages Blackline’s Loner Beacon for precise positioning nearby and throughout facilities. Loner SMD is supported with a cloud-hosted web monitoring portal that features comprehensive safety alert management capability and mapping of employee locations. Indoor positioning with Blackline’s Loner Beacon technology is supported through the mapping of an employee’s location on a floor plan that corresponds to the floor or level within a facility where the employee is located.

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