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TECTERRA Lunch & Learn: How to Build Products that Customers Love

Date : October 11, 2018

Time: 11:45am - 1:00pm

Location: Calgary

Address: The Nucleus, 2nd Floor, 100 6 Ave SW, Calgary, AB






Building a new product can be hard.  Building a commercially successful product is even harder.  There are many forces pushing and pulling on the direction your product development will take.  The CEO has a vision that keeps her up at night.  Sales has big deals on the line.  Support, operations, and customer experience need critical support issues addressed and better internal tools.  Developers, engineers, and designers see game-changing technical opportunities, and need time to knock back technical debt and bugs.  Investors need to be courted with something impressive and visionary beyond your current functionality.  And then there is the customer.  And the customers you don’t even have yet!   With all these voices, how do you best deploy your limited product development resources to build a product that customers love, that hits the mark in the marketplace, and drives revenue for your company?  Rosalee Gordon will share her experience in finding and prioritizing problems worth solving, so you can build products that customers love.


Rosalee Gordon is a proven product leader with experience in both early stage and global companies.  Her passion is uncovering market opportunities and building successful, scalable business models and products to capitalize on them.  As “the first product manager in” at multiple startups, Rosalee has experience bringing product thinking to early stage technology companies.  Rosalee is a founder and executive member of Product Calgary (formerly the Calgary Product Managers Meetup), and is the founder of the Calgary Associate Product Manager (APM) Program.  She serves on TECTERRA’s Project Advisory Committee,  evaluating and recommending projects for  TECTERRA BUILD and LEAD funding programs.  She is passionate about developing the technology commercialization ecosystem in Calgary by sharing her knowledge of product management.